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Arona tenerife

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Arona tenerife

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We consider leisure enjoyment as part of the whole human

experience, a basic element in the physical, psychological

and social development and wellbeing of the individual. Leisure,

moreover, has become a key factor on the way towards the

full integration of disabled persons.

Many people with mobility difficulties and/or communication

impairments are eager to travel: from that point of view they

are not different from those without disabilities.

Polibea is a "special employment centre" where jobs and

vocational training are provided for disabled persons otherwise

excluded from the labour market. For the last twenty-five years

all of Polibea's staff have been travelling and organising all

kind of leisure activities. Things have greatly improved since

we started: rules and regulations regarding architectural

barriers, transport, and similar issues, are now being applied

both at national and regional level. Public consciousness about

our community and the obstacles we are confronted with has

increased. The industry related to tourism is aware of our

knocking at their door: with 3.5 million of us in Spain and

about 50 million all over Europe we make up a huge potential

target group.

The tourist industry in Spain is one of the most important

pillars of its economy, and they have, no doubt, got the

message:  the  supply  of  accessible  leisure  resources  is

increasing day by day. We have checked it and can thus

confirm: accommodation, restaurants, natural parks, other

nature areas and tourist attractions are being designed and

managed more and more with criteria of accessibility so that

everyone can use and enjoy them.

Our commitment consists in forwarding the kind of information

that  can  ease  the  planning  of  their  trips  to  people  with

disabilities. Furthermore we spread information on public and

private companies that include improvements in their travel

and leisure activities and promote equality of opportunity for

disabled  people.  Our  overall  aim  is  contributing  to  the

enjoyment of travel, meeting the requirements, special needs

and expectations of all customers.

Neither more… nor less.



...nace desde nuestra propia

actividad viajera.

...stems from our own

travelling experience.

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