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Instrumentos rru

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Instrumentos rru

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To complete the framework in which the book is inserted, this section will handle its link as a URB-AL common project, and

the general aspects that approach or differentiate Latin America from Southern Europe, the two continents in which are

located the partner cities of the project. 

1.1 The urb-al program and the common project

The URB-AL program


is one of decentralized cooperation


, of support of urban politics, aimed mainly towards the local

collective of the European Union and Latin America, and to other urban agents such as, Associations, Foundations, public

and private Companies, Universities, Professional Associations, Syndicates, non governmental organizations, amongst others

that intervene at local level.

The general objective of URB AL is to develop direct and lasting relations between local European and Latin American

collectives, by means of the diffusion, acquisition y and application of the best practices in the scope of urban policies.

The particular objectives are:

• To reinforce action capacity of the local collective.

• Develop the structural capacity of the local authorities, especially through the formation of human resources. 

• Promote the partnership between the local collective and the representatives of the society.

• Develop the capacity of action of the small and middle-sized cities, within the internationalization framework of their


• Promote the “good practices” of European and Latin American local development, respecting the specificities. 

The URB-AL program works through thematic networks. These are formed around a priority topic that of the urban problems,

are led by a city, and have as objectives:

• To identify common problems, 

• Allow the interchange of experiences, 

• Articulate mechanisms and instruments of action, 

• Spread the good practices about the topic, 

• Continue with the selected common projects.

Within each thematic network are conceived and executed common projects


, that study in depth specific aspects of the

topic that summons the network. The common projects are directed mainly towards the members of the network that form

the groups called sub -networks



The network N°7 is created with the purpose of realizing experiences and techniques about the “Gestión y Control de la

Urbanización" topic, through which capacities are strengthened and developed at local level, that respond to the problems

derived from the accelerated urbanization of the last decades. It hopes also that the answers generate concrete and integral

applications, capable of stimulating new actions, extending and diversifying the battery of instruments.











See the website = http://europa.eu.int/comm/europeaid/projects/urbal 


The program was created by the European Commission in the year 1995. The first phase of the program was organized around 8 themes: Drugs and the

City. Conservation of the Urban Historical Contexts. The Democracy in the City. The City as Promoter of Economic Development. Urban Social Policies. Urban

Environment. Management and Control of the Urbanization. Control of Urban Mobility. The second phase is composed by 5 new themes: Local Financing

and the Participatory Budget. The struggle against Urban Poverty. Women’s promotion in the Local Decision Instances. City and Information Society. Citizen

Safety in the City. The program is decentralized given that all activities are elaborated, proposed and executed by the very same participant cities.


There are 2 types Common Projects: type A that are directly relationed with the Network’s basic theme and foster actions to implement concrete solutions

in response to specific situations, that were identified in the annual meetings or were proposed afterwards. The type B Common Projects, new to the URB-

AL program, seek to concrete, by means of tangible realizations in benefit of one or various local collectives, the results of the interchanges of their

experiences. They entail a strong dimension of visibility for the local populations.


In the first meeting (2001) of common projects for the N. 7 network, 3 projects were selected: Urbanization management in tourist cities; The organization of

metropolitan areas and intervention instruments; Local government and legal framework for the planning and urban management. In the second meeting

(2002) 5 common projects were selected: The impact of the chemical and petrochemical industrial sector in the urban management of port cities;  Inter-

communal ambits for the territorial ordering in small or middle sized locations; Transformation strategies for the abandoned urban port locations between the

city and the port; Identification of urban planning instruments: the integrated and multi-disciplinary focus;  the  “Instrumentos de Redistribución de la Renta

Urbana” project.


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