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Instrumentos rru

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Instrumentos rru

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Since the formulation of the common project 


, subsidized by the European Union, important precedents were taken into

account about the redistribution of urban income in the cities of Latin America, The Caribbean and the European Union, that

will be the object of a subsequent synthesis (see paragraph 1.3) and complemented with specific information about the

participant partner cities (see paragraph 1.4). 

Specifically, the scale of the so called intermediate cities has been prioritized; in other words, middle-sized cities that have a

functionality of intermediation between the processes of globalization and those of promotion of the lands on which they are

settled ( See  www.paeria.es/cimes ). This aspect is very much in harmony con with the size and territorial function of the

URB-AL common projects partner cities. The book makes reference to an intermediate city of a metropolitan scale, Rosario,

that complements itself very well with the other three of medium scale, located in the surroundings of other metropolises, but

with a clear function of territorial center (Ferrara, Lleida and Rio Claro), and finally there is the contribution of a middle-sized

city located in the metropolitan conurbation of Greater Buenos Aires, with the special circumstances of this periphery. This

combination of situations, experiences and practices, configures a sufficiently diverse group of problems and solutions, and

has constituted a good observatory, both European and American, of the vast work theme. It has been complemented with

CEPAL´s specific and global vision of Latin America and the Caribbean. 

This intermediate, territorial and urban scale, also in the treatment of the urbanization problems, is relevant with the initial

hypothesis of reinforcing the local level, its government and its capacities of endogenous development. Furthermore it was

particularly interesting to revise the contributions from the local administration’s point of view, where its diversity and locality

is evident.  

1.2 Objectives, methodology and development of the project

The “Instrumentos de Redistribución de la Renta Urbana” project

had as general objective "to improve the social distribution

of urban income in Latin American, Caribbean and European Union cities, through the utilization of instruments of legislation,

planning and urban or territorial management that promote an urban equity development". The specific objectives were:

• To Provide cities with an analytical register of instruments


of legislation and urban and territorial management that allow

the collection, by the public sector, of land value increments originated by governmental interventions, with the purpose of

orienting them towards investing in the solution of the absences and inequalities both territorial and urban. 

• Starting with this analytical register, to hand in to local managers a tool that facilitates the proposal of instruments and the

re-planning or modification of the instruments counted upon, by the influence of the satisfactory implemented experiences

in other territorial realities.

In order to achieve those, instruments of urban revenue collection were analyzed –directly or indirectly– within and from the

five participating partner cities (APPENDIX A.1); identifying their objective, characteristics, the way in which they collect that

revenue and, if possible, the mechanism of redistribution. The search of the difficulties for their application has been

emphasized, a key aspect for the discussion regarding the applicability of the presented instrument. This search has been

complemented with a theoretical investigation of similar existing instruments in other countries and other regions of the world,

by the international consultants supported by CEPAL (Appendix A.2).

It has been considered that, for a total comprehension of each instrument, a reference to the legislative contexts of the

countries would be necessary, as well as their political and cultural aspects. An approximation of this kind exceeds the

working limits of this project; however, its mentioning is useful in approaching cautiously the analysis and description of the

sets of Instruments and in allowing further on a deeper study about its contextual characteristics. Also it stresses that fact

that all the analyzed instruments are composed by successful elements and also by difficulties, that help the learning process

and both characteristics constitute enriching elements for the reflection.

In reference to urban income redistribution, there were great difficulties to identify whether existed or not redistribution towards

more disfavored urban sectors and the amount of it. In the Law or regulation of some instruments it is made clear that the

product of the recuperation of urban revenue must be invested in other works.  In other cases, given the character and the


Proyecto Común de URB-AL


Subvention application form in the context of a proposal request for the coordination of type A and B common projects.


The information that will be presented and commented was obtained from the European Union Subvention application form, in the context of a proposal

request for the coordination of common projects (type A and B).


The instruments refer to those "that allow the collection, by the public sector, of land value increments originated from governmental interventions, with the

intent of orienting towards investing in the solution of needs and urban inequalities". From the project’s subvention application form.


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