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Instrumentos rru

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Instrumentos rru

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frameworks, but instead similar urbanization processes, the reflections can add up. And stressing that the resources, as well

as the competences, of the local government level are not very comparable. But they also have common characteristics (the

territorial basis of the fiscal aspects of urban property, for example), and they are in a cultural context, of housing and living

as a basis of the society in common. For that reason the common denominator is in the process, or to say it better the

processes, of urbanization above mentioned. From here we started to take conclusions in the shape of instruments. 

1.5. The groupwork for the diagnosis and the participatory studios

This institutional group of each partner city, supported by the local experts, and by the international consultants, constitutes

what we call workgroup. Whose composition is detailed TABLE. 

But in order to expand and improve the contributions to the common Project, three Participatory studios were developed, in

each one of the following phases : The first, in the moment of the composition of the denominated ”Informes preliminares”,

which each one of the five cities drafted; The second, after the analysis of these reports by the international consultants, that

drafted the so called “Primer Informe Consolidado”, in which were the city data and their work experiences with planning

instruments and urban and fiscal management; and the third of the Studios, took place in the final phase, with the materials

from the second “Informe Consolidado” of the international consultants. 

The composition of the Participatory Studios is a varied one. The studios were conformed in each one of the cities, under the

working seminary format or one of open sessions to other people. With a wide stretch of participants between a dozen and

fifty people, in each one of them, and in function of the adopted format. This wide and diverse group of people was

constituted by specialists of urbanism and urban fiscal aspects, as well as local management. Both at the political level and

at technical or professional level. This diversity and, specialization has permitted to “polish” the base working materials

elaborated by the workgroups of the cities and CEPAL. We must stress then the combination of work, criticism and debate

in the elaboration of the book. This working style, proper of URB-AL network supported by the European Union, is considered

a very positive value to foster. For that reason the introduction affirms the meaning of open book, of the present document,

to facilitate the improvement of the elaborated information that could result in the utilization by city professionals, as well as

the politicians and the inhabitants of our cities.

Besides the three studios, in order to “polish” the results of the investigation, recompilation, and definition of the diverse

instruments, two meetings of the Workgroup were realized. They were composed by the representatives of the five partner

cities, as well as CEPAL, and the international consultants. The first meeting took place in the city of Lleida (Lerida, Spain) in

September of 2003.










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