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List of languages

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List of languages

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List of  languages

02 English

24 Français

48 Deutsch 

72 Italiano

94 Español


Congratulations on 

your new MP 01 Mobile 

Phone designed by Jasper 

Morrison. The MP 01 

is a simple phone that 

supports basic calling and 

text messaging. 

Disconnect and rediscover 

the simple things in life.


Unpacking your new 

Punkt. MP 01

What’s in the box:

 · Punkt. MP 01  

Mobile Phone

 · MP 01 Quick Guide

 · USB Charger

 · Micro-USB cable

 · Micro-USB headset

 · Micro-USB to 3.5mm  

plug headset converter

 · SIM tray opener pin

 · SIM adapter

Some of the 


accessories may also be 

sold separately. Do not 

connect incompatible 


For the full user manual, 

please access punkt.ch

MP 01 Mobile Phone.


04  Your MP 01

06  Getting started

08  Inserting a SIM card


Charging the battery


Turning the phone on/off


Locking and unlocking the keypad


Setting the date and time


Saving contacts


Making calls


Answering / rejecting calls


Sending messages


Composing a message


Setting the alarm


Creating a reminder


Using Bluetooth


Setting Ringtones


Product and safety information

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