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VIII. Role and Responsibilities of the Commission Leadership

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VIII. Role and Responsibilities of the Commission Leadership

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VIII. Role and Responsibilities of the Commission Leadership

The Steering Committee is made up of a number of different roles each with its own set of responsibilities. Many of these are shared and some are particular to those positions. The Steering Committee will review the roles and responsibilities of the various Commission leadership positions in order that there is a shared understanding of these roles and expectations of performance.

Steering Committee Roles


Deputy Chair

Special Advisors to the Chair

Regional Vice-Chair

Specialty Group Leader

Ex-officio members

Secretariat Focal Point

1. Role of the Chair

The Commission on Education and Communication CEC operates under the mandate given to it by the IUCN members at the World Conservation Congress. CEC’s mission is: To drive change for the co-creation of sustainable solutions through leading communication, learning and knowledge management in IUCN and the wider conservation community.”


CEC therefore advocates making IUCN and our community more effective at reaching goals through leading edge learning, change and knowledge management processes. CEC is one of six IUCN Commissions and is made up of a network of specialists in environmental communication and education from governments, governmental institutions, NGO's, academic institutions and in the private sector.

Place in the organization

The Chair of the Commission is elected by the IUCN World Conservation Congress for a term of four years. The chair provides leadership to the steering committee and the member-ship in carrying out the mandate, translating the mandate into a work program with concrete results, and ensuring synergy with the mission and program of the Union. The Chair performs his/her work in partnership with the Secretariat Focal Point and Unit.

The Chair reports on the activities of the Commission in carrying out the mandate to the IUCN Council and to the World Conservation Congress. The Chair reports to the Council and to the Director General of IUCN on the program and budget and expenditures of the Commission.

The chair is member of the IUCN Council, playing a role in the governance of the Union.


  1. To ensure optimal organisation, program and activities of the Commission

  2. To assure future core competencies and innovation for the work of the Commission

  3. Allocate finances as far as they are available for programmatic activities and products

  4. To implement the (relevant) policy decisions of Council and World Conservation in all operations of the Commission.

  5. Report to Council and the World Conservation Congress on the performance of the Commission


  1. Communicate with Regional Vice-Chairs and Specialty Group leaders, listen to regional needs and advise the steering committee.

  2. Chair steering committee meetings

  3. Guide development of the vision, process of the strategic planning and priority setting.

  4. Provide leadership to the Commission and guidance in priority setting for the IUCN Focal Point Unit (Learning & Leadership).

  5. Represent the interests of the Commission with the Director General, the IUCN secretariat, programs and Council.

  6. Participate in Council, the Council Committees and Commission Chairs’ Meeting.

  7. Cooperate with the chairs of the other IUCN Commission to integrate and strengthen the work of the voluntary networks and to provide synergy to the work of the members and secretariat of IUCN.

  8. Report on Commission finances and activities.

  9. Communicate with CEC members

  10. Represent CEC with members, donors, cooperating and or professional agencies and speak on behalf of IUCN in matters regarding sustainability, education, learning and communication.

  11. Advocate for the Commission's budget and raise funds.

  12. Report to Council on Commission activities.

  13. Report to the World Conservation Congress.


  1. To appoint members of the Commission

  2. To recommend members of the CEC steering committee and deputy chair to Council

  3. To bring to the attention of DG and Council all matters concerning the Commission

  4. To advise the Director General and Council on matters concerning communication and education.

  5. To attend related regional and members meetings

  6. To take part in the selection of senior secretariat staff working on Commission-related activities for the Learning & Leadership Unit.

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