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III. IUCN Statutes and Regulations

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III. IUCN Statutes and Regulations

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III. IUCN Statutes and Regulations

As per last amendment of 13 October 2008

Extract from IUCN Statutes: Part VIII – The Commissions

73. The Commissions shall be networks of expert volunteers entrusted to develop and advance the institutional knowledge and experience and objectives of IUCN.


74. The World Congress shall establish the Commissions and determine their mandates. The Council may propose to the World Congress the creation, abolition, or subdivi-sion of a Commission, or amendment of a Commission's mandate. The Council may establish a provisional Commission, pending a decision by the next ordinary or extraordinary session of the World Congress, provided that its mandate does not encroach on that of an existing Commission.


75. The functions of the Commissions shall be to fulfill their missions as defined in their mandates, including:

(a) to analyse issues and prepare assessments, reports, action plans, criteria and methodology and undertake research and other scientific and technical work;

(b) to undertake tasks assigned to them within the integrated programme of IUCN;

(c) to provide advice on any matter within their fields of competence;

(d) to broaden knowledge and competence on matters relating to their mandates;

(e) to work with members and the Secretariat to develop activities within the various Regions, and to support members and components of IUCN with necessary expertise; and

(f) to undertake such other responsibilities as may be assigned to them by the World Congress and the Council.

76. The organization, activities and financial management of the Commissions and procedure for the appointment of their members shall be as prescribed in the Regulations.

77. The Chair of each Commission shall present a report at each ordinary or extra-ordinary session of the World Congress and each year to the Council.

As per last amendment of 13 October 2008

Extract from IUCN Regulations: Part VII – The Commissions


69. The mandate of each Commission, including name, mission and terms of reference, shall be established by the World Congress.

70. Prior to each ordinary session of the World Congress, the Council shall review the terms of reference and the activities of each Commission. Any proposals by an IUCN member concerning the mission and terms of reference for any Commission shall be communicated to the members of IUCN at least one hundred and twenty days prior to the ordinary session of the World Congress concerned.

Commission Members

71. A Commission shall consist of individual members and, where appropriate, organizational associates chosen because of their competence to develop and advance the institutional knowledge and experience and objectives of IUCN within the mandate of the Commission.

72. The terms of appointment of Commission members, shall continue for ninety days after the close of the ordinary session of the World Congress following their appointment, or until reappointments are made, whichever is sooner.

73. The Chair of each Commission shall propose to the Council at its first meeting after the conclusion of an ordinary session of the World Congress, a candidate for appointment as Deputy Chair and shall propose candidates for appointment as members of the Commission Steering Committee no later than the second Council meeting after that session of the World Congress. The proposals of the Chair shall be made after a process of appropriate consultation including inviting nominations from within the Commission’s membership. The selection of the members of the Steering Committee shall reflect consideration of technical qualification, of geographic representation, diversity of points of view, and gender equity. Until the Council appoints their successors, the incumbent Deputy Chair and Steering Committee members shall continue in office.

74. A Commission Chair may appoint officers in addition to the Deputy Chair and Steering Committee.

75. The Chair of each Commission shall be responsible for the appointment or reappointment of the members of the Commission. Candidates shall be selected through a process of appropriate consultation with the members of the Commission especially the Commission Steering Committee, to provide a wide coverage of subjects and opinions as well as geographical areas. The Council and members of IUCN may propose candidates to the Commission Chair. Where a nominee is denied membership of a Commission, the nominator may appeal the decision to the Council within the term of the Commission.

76. The Chair of a Commission, with the support of the Commission Steering Committee may, with notice to the Council, nominate a small number of persons or organizations for the conferment of awards.

Commission Operations

77. The Commissions shall work with each other, IUCN’s membership, its National and Regional Committees and its other components to further the objectives of IUCN and its integrated programme.

78. (a) Each Chair, assisted by the Steering Committee, shall lead the activities of the Commission. The Chair is entitled to act in the name of the Commission and may delegate specified responsibilities to the Deputy Chair, to members of the Steering Committee or to other members of the Commission.

(b) Consistent with Article 60 of the Statutes, the Chairs of the Commissions, when exercising their duty under Article 46 (d) of the Statutes, shall refrain from participating in the discussion and voting on the Commissions Operation Fund.

(c) The President and each Commission Chair, in the presence of the Director General, shall undertake an annual appraisal of the performance of each Commission and its Chair in relation to the annual work plan and the mandate of that Commission.

79. The Commissions may establish specialist groups of their members and other invited experts. The objectives and policies of such groups shall be consistent with those of IUCN.

80. Each Commission Steering Committee shall adopt, and may revise, that Commis-sion’s by-laws; the by-laws shall conform to the Statutes and the Regulations of IUCN.

81. The Director General shall ensure that the Secretariat provides reasonable support to the work of each Commission.

82. The Chair of each Commission shall ensure that there is proper authorization of expenditure for Commission activities and operations and that there is proper accounting of all Commission funds.

83. The Council shall adopt financial rules for the Commissions to facilitate their capacity to raise funds and manage these with autonomy. IUCN shall incur no liability in respect of funds raised in this way, nor for the application of such funds, including employment of staff.

84. Staff working directly for the Chair of a Commission and those working in the Secretariat in collaboration with the same Commission, shall follow a work plan agreed between the Director General and the Chair of the Commission.

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