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Steering committee members

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Steering committee members

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Garnett, Stephen Tommy

Stephen Tommy Garnett
Environmental Foundation for Africa
1 Beach Road, Lakka
Off Peninsula Road
PMB 34
Sierra Leone
Tel: ++232 76 611 410

Email: tgarnett@efasl.org.uk


Stephen Tommy Garnett is Regional Director of Programs for the Environmental Foundation for Africa (EFA) (www.efasl.org.uk), where he oversees country programs in Liberia and Sierra Leone. He has been instrumental in creating national and regional networks. The Environmental Forum for Action in Sierra Leone and Green Actors of West Africa (www.gawa.nu) networks to promote synergy between environmental organisations and develop a solid platform for effective environmental advocacy in the national and regional arenas.

Tommy’s background is in Agricultural and Development Economics. Following post-graduate studies in the former USSR, he began his career in 1984, as a high school teacher in Kenya, where he taught Agriculture, Mathematics and Physical Education for four years, during which time, he developed a keen interest in conservation issues.

In 1992, one year after the onset of civil conflict in his home country, Tommy founded the Environmental Foundation for Sierra Leone as a charity in the UK, to create awareness about the environmental impacts of the conflict and the unregulated and destructive mineral mining industry which fuelled the conflict and to empower the local people to protect the integrity of nature in Sierra Leone. In 1995, he moved back to Sierra Leone and set up a pilot program of land reclamation and reforestation projects until 1997, when the deteriorating security situation made further work impossible.

Compelled to abandon operations in Sierra Leone, he moved to Liberia in 1997 and established the Environmental Foundation for Africa (www.efasl.org.uk). He developed a portfolio of projects financed by the IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands and UNHCR, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, to address the environmental impacts of hundreds of thousands of refugees and the internally displaced in Liberia. From 1998, he travelled extensively in the West Africa sub-region studying and reporting on the nature and extent of the threats to the Upper Guinea Forest Ecosystem.

Tommy has been a member since 1998 of IUCN CEC, the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Commission on Education and Communication. He was appointed CEC Regional Vice-Chair Central and West Africa in 2006 and again for 2009-2012. From 2003-2007, he was a member of the United Nations Panel of Experts monitoring economic sanctions on Liberia, with the specific task of assessing the socio-economic and humanitarian impacts of the sanctions, producing several reports to the UN Security Council during this time. He has been West Africa Regional Focal Point for the IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands since 2004. He is an alumnus of Cambridge University’s Climate Leadership Program.

Reports and publications co-authored by Tommy Garnett include ‘Nature Conservation in Liberia and Sierra Leone – Our Upper Guinea Heritage’ (2000); ‘Our Environment – An Environmental Education Manual for Schools’ (2001); and ‘The Impact of Conflict on Biodiversity’ (a report commissioned by WWF Biodiversity Support Program, 2000) and ‘The CEPA Toolkit for National Focal Points and NBSAP Coordinators’ (about the Convention on Biological Diversity, 2007).


Wendy Goldstein
Lecturer in Sustainable Development
School of Graduate Studies
Macquarie University
Graduate School of Environment
Sydney NSW 2109
Tel: ++61 (2) 9850-6299 , ++61 (2) 940 5266

Wendy Goldstein is a lecturer in the Graduate School of the Environment, Macquarie University, Sydney (2005 to present), where she also is program director for the awards in Environmental Education and Sustainable Development. In her early career, she worked in secondary school and in museum education at the Australian Museum. She set up an education program for the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sydney, Australia. She also established the education program at the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and later became manager of the education and extension programs.

From 1991 to 2005, Wendy worked for IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, at Headquarters in Gland, Switzerland. She was Head of Environmental Education and Communication. In this role, she managed many aspects of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) including steering committee meetings, networking and knowledge management, publications, and contributions to four IUCN Congresses in Argentina, Montreal, Amman and Bangkok and to IUCN Protected Areas Congresses in Venezuela and Durban. She took part in formative international discussions on education for sustainable development at UNCED and WSSD. She supported CEC’s efforts to actively engage governments and stakeholders in discussing strategy development for education for sustainable development (Europe, Asia and South America) and successfully lobbied for the Commission on Sustainable Development work program on education for sustainable development. Another major part of her work with CEC focused on developing capacity for biodiversity communication, education and public awareness (CEPA). She organized events to advocate for and develop understanding of the role of CEPA at meetings about the Convention on Biological Diversity; provided overall project management for a multi-year capacity building program for governments, institutes and NGO practitioners in five European countries supported by the Dutch government; and managed or edited many publications on behalf of CEC.

Wendy continues to work with CEC as an active volunteer. She is the CEC Deputy Chair 2009-2012. As an author and editor, she contributed to the CEPA Toolkit, produced in 2007-2008 for coordinators of National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (www.cepatoolkit.org). She also has contributed to the conceptualization of CEPA for the Ramsar Convention and UNFCCC secretariats. Wendy has also been involved with CEC in setting up the World Conservation Learning Network (WCLN) www.wcln.org. While serving as CEC Regional Chair for Australia and New Zealand, Wendy organized a regional meeting on WCLN (Australia, 2008), established an Australian network of Council of Environmental Deans and Directors, and facilitated a climate change education adaptation workshop at which universities shared approaches. She also represented the Chair at education network meetings in China and Bangkok, Thailand.

Wendy is Vice President of the Australian Association of Environmental Education, a member IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas and a community member of the Sustainability Advisory Group of the Lane Cove Council, Sydney.


Brahim Haddane

Regional Councillor

Villa 4038 Rue Arrida Wifac/Erac

B.P 5117 - 12 000 Temara Centre


Tel: 212- 37 822 756 & 037 641 466

Fax: 212 37 822 074

Email: bhaddane@gmail.com

Brahim HADDANE of Morocco is a wildlife consultant and captive breeding expert. His education includes a scientific baccalaurius (1972, Morocco) and a Diploma of Doctorate in Veterinary Medicines (1978, Morocco). Post university training includes tropical diseases and medicines and parasite diseases and anaesthesia of wildlife animals (Belgium). He holds a Master of Science Animal Biology and Nature Conservation from the Veterinary college and Zoological Society of London (UK). He also has a Certificate of Zoo biology and Animal Management (USA), Certificate of Wildlife Economics management (UK) and studied National Parks and Protected areas at the Institute of International Education (USA). Languages include Arabic, French, English and Spanish.

His scientific research addresses a variety of species: bustards group in Morocco, North Africa and Middle East; Gazelles group in Morocco and Middle East; Waldrap ibis study in captivity and in the wild; Atlas leopard in wild in Morocco; Atlas lions in captivity; Monk seal group of nature survey; North Africa group of cheetah survey (IUCN); Small wild cats group study in Morocco; Sustainable use of wildlife animals: hunting and game species; and ANCRE: Implementation of environmental conventions in Morocco.

Publications include: Bustard species in Morocco: Status and future perspective; Reproduction, rearing and pathology of some species in captivity; Reproduction of gazelles and antelopes in captivity; Cheetah study in Morocco; Production of TV documentary on wildlife in Morocco; National report on hunting and game species; and a national report on Implementation of the Environmental Education Strategy.

He participates in many international specialist groups regarding research on endangered wildlife. He is a member of many international organisations, including: International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN); Association of Zoological Garden and Wildlife Veterinarians (AZWV); World Association of Zoo and Aquarium (WAZA); International Crane Foundation (ICF). Within IUCN, Brahim serves on the Steering Committee of the Species Survival Commission (SSC) and also is Vice Chair of that Commission’s SUG. He is Vice Chair of the World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), Regional Vice-Chair North Africa for the Commission on Education and Communication (CEC), and General Secretary of the IUCN National Committee. His lectures to veterinary students on wildlife conservation address immobilisation and pathology patterns of wildlife animals. Currently, he is conducting an education program for school children and young people.

Throughout his career, Brahim Haddane has held the following positions: Vétérinaire chargé de la collection des animaux du Parc Zoologique National (1978-1983); Chef du Service Animalier et Vétérinaire au Parc Zoologique (1984-1992); Directeur–Adjoint et Chef du Service Vétérinaire du Parc Zoologique National de Rabat (1993-1999); Chargé du programme du développement des activités loisirs et attractives du Parc. He was involved in creating the Parc Zoologique de Ouarzazate (1988), rehabilitation of the Parc Zoologique Lahboul à Maknes (1990) and the conceptualization and creation of the Parc Sindibad à Casanlanca (1992). This involved the human resources management (gestion des ressources humaines du service) of 120 people who worked in different tasks 365 days a year. From 2000 to 2005, Brahim was Directeur Général du Parc Zoologique National de Rabat. Since 2005, he has held the position of Directeur Général des Jardins Exotiques de Bouknadel/Salé, Fondation Mohammed VI pour la Protection de l’Environnement.

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